Bring Your Own Brain

The unpublished book for serious users of the neck-top computer. Very few people use their neck-top computer well. Because they don’t understand how to use it for their benefit they mostly use it against themselves.

This is not their fault, it’s an artefact of generations of people who didn’t know how to use it, they passed their knowledge down the family line to make sure everybody had the same skill level.

This book is a distillation of what I have learned over 40+ years of study. I am bringing it up to current thinking so it has relevance for you today. It looks at how meditation and mindfulness work and how you can make far better use of your neck-top computer to improve any and all aspects of your life.
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Published by motiv8n

I first came across the concept of using your brain to help you rather than hinder you when I bought a book, Financial Independence by Eddie Soloman. Unfortunately I read and re-read that book so much it fell apart. I still kept it in a plastic bag through many moves but I can no longer find it. That book helped me change my attitude from being a negative person to becoming a positive person. Later I devoured many other books from Maxwell Maltz to Dr. Wayne Dwyer. I plan to add reviews of all the books I have read and also share the great videos I find in the TedX and TedTalks range plus any others that I find. I'm good at finding this stuff so get on the notification list for when I post the latest info. Probably no more than twice a week.

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